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Hi, I'm Brenna

Bodywork has been in my life since I can remember. Growing up playing soccer from ages 4-26, I trained for over a decade before my curiosity lead me to pursue a higher education in understanding the human body. 

   I received a Bachelors in Kinesiology (study of the human body in motion) and then spent the next 15 years learning about the body as a personal trainer, EMT, and then Massage Therapist. Graduating from a 550 hour Massage Therapy program in Colorado, I have since completed hundreds of hours of continuing education including a Master Certification in Neural Reset Therapy. Through my studies, I realized our fitness habits today are often excessive, and create patterns of dysfunction while breaking down the body rather than building it.

    What sets my business apart is dedication to delivering a luxury experience while using science based techniques. Specifically my focus on Cupping Therapy and its unique benefits. What does this mean for the client? Those who love deep tissue work as well as those who suffer from chronic-pain are able to find relief. 

     My massage is meticulously crafted to combine 6 add-ons creating a luxurious yet therapeutic treatment like nothing you've experienced before.  Make health a part of your routine - book an appointment today!

Brenna Rice

BS Kinesiology, LMT, CNRT-M

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